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A Benefit of Buying a New or Rebuilt TIPM

Will I need a fuel pump relay bypass kit if I get a new or rebuilt TIPM, or get mine repaired by Maks?

No, you should not need a fuel pump relay bypass kit if you get a new or rebuilt TIPM for your 2011 Grand Caravan. When you replace the TIPM, the new or rebuilt unit should include a functioning fuel pump relay as part of the assembly.

Why Should I Replace My TIPM?

The purpose of replacing the TIPM is to address any underlying issues or malfunctions within the module, including problems with the fuel pump relay. By installing a new or rebuilt TIPM, you should have a fully operational relay that controls the fuel pump as intended.

It’s important to ensure that the replacement TIPM is the correct part for your specific vehicle’s make, model, and year. This will help ensure compatibility and proper functioning of all electrical components, including the fuel pump relay.


When replacing the TIPM, it’s recommended to have the installation performed by a qualified mechanic or a Dodge dealership. They have the knowledge and expertise to properly install and configure the new TIPM, ensuring that it functions correctly with all the necessary relays, including the fuel pump relay.

Replace The Whole TIPM with Mak’s

By replacing the TIPM with a new or rebuilt unit, you should not need a separate fuel pump relay bypass kit. The new TIPM should have all the necessary components and relays included to restore proper functionality to your vehicle’s electrical system.