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Jeff is in charge of Sales and Sales Prevention at MAK's TIPM Rebuilders.

Need to Replace the Fuse Box Cover Bolt for your Dodge RAM IPM?

You are not alone!One thing many owners of 2002 – 2005 Dodge RAM pickups have in common is a broken thumb screw that holds the removable lid onto the truck’s fuse and relay box (also known as an IPM, or “Integrated Power Module”.)   This thumb screw bolt is subject to unusually high rates of breakage, [...]

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Chrysler TIPMs Demystified:  How to Reliably Trace Specific Vehicle Symptoms to TIPM Failure

TIPM, which stands for “Totally Integrated Power Module” is the Chrysler nomenclature for the fuse and relay box, or electronic power relay center, in Chrysler vehicles produced since the early-to-mid-2000’s.  By “Chrysler”, we are referring to the umbrella company for all vehicles marketed under any of the nameplate brands Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM.  Chrysler also [...]

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