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2007 Chrysler Town & Country

Fuel pump relay issues in the TIPM for MOPAR:

046923152011Jeep Grand Cherokee
046923162011Jeep Grand Cherokee
046923182011Dodge RAM 2500 / 3500
046923192011Dodge RAM 1500 / 2500 / 3500
046923302011Jeep Liberty with Towing Package
046923312011Dodge Nitro or 2011 Jeep Liberty without Towing Package
046923322011Jeep Wrangler
680893212012Dodge Durango / Jeep Grand Cherokee
680893222012Dodge RAM 2500 / 3500
680893232012Dodge RAM 1500
681055032012Jeep Wrangler
681055072012Chrysler Town and Country / Volkswagen Routan
681639032013Jeep Wrangler
681639042013Chrysler Town and Country / Dodge Grand Caravan / VW Routan / RAM C/V
681656922013Dodge Durango / Jeep Grand Cherokee
682174042014Jeep Wrangler
682174052015Jeep Wrangler / Dodge Grand Caravan
682396062015-20192015 – 2016 Chrysler Town and Country / 2017 -2019 Dodge Grand Caravan
682448772013Dodge Durango / Jeep Grand Cherokee
682448812013Chrysler Town and Country / Dodge Grand Caravan / VW Routan / RAM C/V
682448842012Chrysler Town and Country / Volkswagen Routan
 2011Dodge Grd Caravan / Chrysler Twn & Ctry / VW Routan / VW Toureg
682638972015Jeep Wrangler
046923342011Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town & Country / VW Routan / VW Toureg – EXPORT
M2011Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town & Country / VW Routan / VW Toureg
682733652016Jeep Wrangler
683039242017Jeep Wrangler
046922352008-2009Dodge Nitro / Jeep Liberty
046922362008Jeep Wrangler
046922882009Dodge Nitro / Jeep Liberty
046922892009Jeep Wrangler
046922972010Jeep Liberty / Dodge Nitro
046922982010Jeep Wrangler
046922992010Dodge Journey / Volkswagen Routan
046923002009Dodge Nitro / Jeep Liberty
046923022009Dodge Journey / Volkswagen Routan
046923042010Jeep Liberty / Dodge Nitro
046923052008 -2010Dodge Journey / Volkswagen Routan
560466192008-2010Dodge Grand Caravan / Journey
560497172007Jeep Wrangler
560497202008-2010Chrysler Town and Country / Dodge Grand Caravan / Journey
560497212007Dodge Nitro
681055022012Jeep Liberty

Relays Within TIPMs

The TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module) houses various relays, including the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay is responsible for controlling the power supply to the fuel pump, ensuring proper fuel delivery to the engine. However, there have been reported issues with the fuel pump relay within the TIPM assembly in some models.

One common problem associated with the fuel pump relay in the TIPM is relay failure or malfunction. When the relay fails or becomes faulty, it can result in a variety of fuel-related issues, including:

  1. No-start condition: A failed fuel pump relay can prevent the fuel pump from receiving power, resulting in a no-start condition. The engine may not crank or start due to insufficient fuel supply.
  2. Intermittent starting issues: In some cases, the fuel pump relay may malfunction intermittently. This can cause the vehicle to start and run normally at times but experience starting difficulties or stalling at other times.
  3. Engine misfires or poor performance: A malfunctioning fuel pump relay may result in inadequate fuel pressure, leading to engine misfires, hesitation, or overall poor performance.

What to do if You Suspect a Bad Relay

If you suspect a fuel pump relay issue within the TIPM of your 2011 Chrysler Town and Country, it is recommended to have a qualified mechanic or a Chrysler dealership diagnose the problem. They will typically use diagnostic equipment to communicate with the TIPM and identify any relay-related faults or error codes.

In some cases, the entire TIPM assembly may need to be replaced to resolve the fuel pump relay issue. It is worth noting that the TIPM replacement should be performed by a professional, as it requires programming and configuration to match the vehicle’s specific settings.

2003 Chrylser Town & Country
The 2003 Chrysler Town & Country, Minivan Trim packages include Base, EX, LX, EL, Limited, and LXi. Supported engines include 3.3L V6 – Flex, 3.3L V6 – Gas, and 3.8L V6 – Gas.

Chrysler has acknowledged some TIPM-related issues in certain model years, including 2011, and has issued recall campaigns or extended warranty coverage for specific TIPM-related problems. It is recommended to check with a Chrysler dealership or visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website to see if any relevant recalls or warranty extensions apply to your specific vehicle.