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REBUILT OEM TIPM for 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town and Country / VW Routan / VW Toureg – Part # 04692335 / 68244893

REBUILT OEM TIPM for 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town and Country / VW Routan / VW Toureg – Part # 04692335 / 68244893


(44 customer reviews)
This REBUILT OEM TIPM fits the following vehicles:
  • 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan – All Model Year Variants
  • 2011 Chrysler Town & Country – All Model Year Variants
  • 2011 Volkswagen Routan – All Model Year Variants
  • 2011 Volkswagen Touareg – All Model Year Variants
Note:  This part is referred to by 2 part numbers that refer to the same part:  # 04692335 and # 68244893 are completely interchangeable.
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  • REBUILT OEM TIPMWarranty Badge
  • 1-Year Replace or Repair Warranty
  • Same Day Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Days Delivery)
  • Overnight Shipping Option at Checkout (order by 2pm U.S. Pacific Time)
  • Unlimited Free Telephone Support
  • Eligible for Low-Cost Diagnostic Use Program:   TIPM may be returned within 30 days if original problem is later found to be elsewhere in the vehicle, or simply for change of mind, to obtain a full refund less a $85 restocking fee.
Interchangeable Part Numbers: 
This TIPM is 100% compatible with TIPMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers:

4692335, RL692335AH, 4692335AA, 4692335AB, 4692335AC, 4692335AD, 4692335AE, 4692335AF, 4692335AG, 4692335AH, 4692335AI, RL692335AH, 04692335AA, 04692335AB, 04692335AC, 04692335AD, 04692335AE, 04692335AF, 04692335AG, 04692335AH, 04692335AI, 68244893, 68244893AA

Part Number Notes: 

  1. The last two alpha characters in TIPM Part Numbers refer only to the date of manufacture and are completely interchangeable with each other.
  2. The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant.  It may appear on your old TIPM with or without a leading zero.
  3. If your old TIPM, or one recommended by a Dealer, begins with "RL" this simply means that Chrysler had "rebuilt" your old TIPM, or that the Dealer only offers Chrysler-rebuilt TIPMs instead of the original which may no longer be available.   In these cases they have merely replaced the first 2 numeric digits in the part number with "RL", meaning "rebuilt", with no actual functional difference.
  4. Your old TIPM may show a "P", or "P/N" in front of the part number.   This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means "Part Number" and is not significant.

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in

44 reviews for REBUILT OEM TIPM for 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan / Chrysler Town and Country / VW Routan / VW Toureg – Part # 04692335 / 68244893

  1. Dennis (verified owner)

    Still can t print a return label, but satisfied with delivery time and the product

  2. Charles Jackson (verified owner)

    I was watching the video as I did this…. took minutes. If you’re handy…. you don’t really need the video for anything but the reset but it is a great how to if unfamiliar! Highly satisfied! Same part, still just refurbished, from Volkswagen: $650.00. Another 9-1000.00 in labor.

  3. Charles B. (verified owner)

  4. James (verified owner)

    Working like a charm and it was easy to install. Installation almost as easy as oil change & filter. Also got it quickly. No issues after installation.

  5. Complete Car care (verified owner)

  6. Jesica Farrier (verified owner)

    Love the quick replies. I love They had a video to help me put it in myself. Dealership was charging 150$ for a quick job.

  7. BRANDON ANDERSON (verified owner)

  8. Joe G. (verified owner)

    Great customer service speedy shipping and everything came exactly as promised and is working perfectly saved over $800 total

  9. Adam (verified owner)

    New TIPM seems to work great. There were a few goofy changes to the operation of the vehicle though: hazards flash when slider doors open and horn no longer chirps when the car is locked by FOB. But, it starts! And that’s what we were going for.

    Install was easy. Took 20 min +12seconds.

    [TIPM Rebuilders Note: Thanks for the great review Adam! By the way, all that goofy stuff is actually in the user settings. You can go into the onscreen setup menu and make all kinds of personalized changes. The chirp or flashers during lock/unlock can be turned off or on. The slider door flash is an option usually turned on when the van is for handicapped users to warn passersby about a wheel chair ramp. Go into your settings play around a bit. You might find some other preferences you didn’t even realize were there!]

  10. Miguel R. (verified owner)

    Do it yourself, step by step watching the video, it really fix the problem, thank you Mak’s….

  11. Christopher B. (verified owner)

    Installation was relatively easy and Mak’s instructions were excellent!!!

  12. Justin Broaddus (verified owner)

    Product was as described and more than half the price than buying brand new.

  13. Vern (verified owner)

    Easy to buy, free shipping, simple to swap, and even a core return.
    Stealership wanted $1487! My total cost with MAK’S is $325.
    Clear cut instructions included, and it worked perfectly.
    Took my unreliable 2011 Chrysler T&C battery killer and eliminated all the problems. Thanks MAK’S. I fully recommend them!

  14. Jim Conley (verified owner)

  15. Rock Auto Service (verified owner)

    Excellent communication and product, would defiantly highly recommend, thank you guys👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Marvin Allan Coomer (verified owner)

  17. Rick B. (verified owner)

    Some issues on installation, but help was there and we were able to figure out the wiring issue related to Chrysler TSB.

  18. Dale M. (verified owner)

  19. Jeromy (verified owner)

    Great service great part, quick delivery

  20. Alvaro P. (verified owner)

  21. Daniel L Carlson (verified owner)

    Quick service, helpful directions and video for owner self-installation. Helpful and friendly purchase process by phone.

  22. Michael J. (verified owner)

    TIPM came as scheduled, clear directions to install, but it was 10 degrees outside and I didn’t have a garage, so I asked a mechanic to install. He was so impressed he asked where I got it and may use you in the future. Running like the first day purchased…Thank you!

  23. Lisa L.

    We received our part we ordered in perfect timing and was so easy to order!

  24. Ron G.

    Part and new alternator ensures the problem is now fixed.

  25. James D.

    Mak was great over the phone and the correct refurbished TIPM was delivered the day after order. There were less expensive parts online but I decided on Mak after getting their reassurances. I saved $630 dollars over a new TIPM. My Dodge dealer installed the part and it resolved all of the problems.I recommend Mak without reservation.Jim Dorr

  26. Justin P.

    Easy install. Worked perfectly. Way better than spending $1050 at the dealership for a problem they should have recalled anyway.

  27. Theresa P.

    Jeff Iam 100% satisfied with the TIPM and would refer MAK’S to anyone. Thank you so much for all your help.

  28. Jon H.

    Very good. Works great. Very great instructions.

  29. Mark S.

    so far,so good.

  30. Jon Kenimer

    Excellent experience. I phoned and the tech gave me an immediate comfort level that I could fix it myself, and told me just what to expect. The dealer wanted $1500 to fix it but I was able to do it myself for about $400 including expedited shipping. I’m so thankful I found this company!

  31. Mark S.

    I am Mark Sheridan of Spring Lake Michigan. I highly recommend Mak’s rebuilt TIPMs! His instructions were outstanding, support and customer service just as good! The product is built the way that Chrysler should have built it in the first place! Do NOT go to a dealership! You can buy this affordable high quality rebuilt and install it yourself!

  32. John B.

    The videos made the work do-able.Ely the tech on the phone helped out alot.My Chrysler dealer – that I am good friends with, said that I had to let them re-program it – I followed the instructions and re programmed it myself.Taking my time, rewatching the videos – the whole process took about an hour.I have already reccommended your product to a friend that has the same year T&C.$375 Maks$600 – my price at Advance for TIPM only$900 – my price at dealer for TIPM and Install and programI am very happy – glad I went with MAK’s

  33. Ron H.

    Mak was VERY helpful as I sorted out the issues with our Caravan. I called and had a number of questions trying to diagnose a tricky problem and they were very knowledgeable and help. Once I ordered the TIPM it was shipped fast and worked perfectly.

  34. MIKE L.


  35. Keith H.

    Unit arrived within a couple of days and was easy to install. Car started right up and has had no issues after the first week.

  36. Randall M.

    Very responsive service! Had a bit of trouble getting everything installed and these guys were excellent help! Thanks again.

  37. Adam B.

    Well I will say, It wasn’t my fix I was needing but Mak’s was awesome on their end. I ordered the part, and it arrived in 2 days, which was awesome cause i am on the other side of the country. It was very accurate for the exact part that i ordered and it fit the car exactly. The instructions and details they give you for everything is so precise you couldn’t mess it up if you tried. It hooked right up, no problem, but it just didnt fix my problem so it probably wasnt the tipm that was bad after all. I had to call them a few times with some questions and they were super friendly and helpful. After i returned the part, it shipped to them within a couple days and I was able to get my refund minus the restocking fee, which is pretty cheap considering how much this could have cost me elsewhere. Very awesome company, and although I hope I never have to order one again, if I did I would definitely go through them!

  38. David V.

    Recently purchased rebuilt tip from makes for my dodge caravan .product worked perfectly.solved all my problesm.customer service was great I would highly recommend them for there service. Dave the dude….

  39. Ralph Gatrone.

    I needed to purchase a TIPM. Buying a rebuilt part for my 2011 Town & Country was the most economical decision. MAK’s was the best choice. They sold the TIPM at a very reasonable price and delivered it with 30 hours to the dealer’s service center for them to install. I am very pleased with the service provided by MAK’s.

  40. Doug g.

    Very very good service. Maks expedited the mailing of this Town and Country TIPM mid afternoon Friday and had it to me Monday morning. The mechanic installed the part and it has been working fine. Maks saved me more then $425

  41. Adam G.

    It has been over a week now and everything seems to be running great now that I have replaced the tipm. Thanks again guys

  42. David R.

    No issues so far it was delivered on time. Instalation was easy and the instructions that came with it were very clear. As soon as itnwas installed the van started up. The one year warranty is an added bonus! Would recommend to anyone.

  43. Paul F.

    Perfect fit easy to install and great customer service

  44. MICHAEL M.


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