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2013 Jeep

TIPM Repair – Replace Any 2 Relays


Note:  It is not necessary to purchase this repair prior to sending us your TIPM.   Most customers prefer to send us their TIPM first and then have us make sure the requested repair is even needed or to see if it is advisable to replace additional components based upon our thorough testing process.  We’ll always get your approval before implementing repairs that exceed what you have requested. To send us your TIPM and initiate a repair request, simply fill out the Repair Submission Form, and review our Packing and Shipping Guidelines on that page. This Repair Service While you may only be experiencing one TIPM relay failure symptom today (front or rear wipers, front or rear washer, wiper speed, door locks, horn, backup lights, etc) this repair service will correct that problem.  But we strongly advise also replacing the fuel pump relay.   Fuel pump relays are the most common relay failure.  Most customers want the assurance of a new fuel pump relay while we’re fixing the immediate problem. Replaced relays are the most current version from the original manufacturer, Nexem (formerly known as NEC/Tokin).  Call us if you have any questions.

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