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What are signs of a failing Chrysler body control module (BCM)?

A failing Body Control Module (BCM) in a Chrysler vehicle can cause various electrical issues and malfunctioning systems. Here are common signs indicating a potential problem with the BCM:

Electrical Component Failures

  1. Lighting Issues:
  •       Headlights, taillights, or interior lights not functioning properly.
  •       Lights flickering, staying on, or failing to turn on.
  • Power Accessories Malfunctions:
    •       Power windows, locks, or mirrors not operating correctly.
    •       Sunroof or moonroof not responding to controls.
  • Wiper and Washer Problems:
    •       Windshield wipers not functioning properly or getting stuck in one position.
    •       Washer pump not activating.

    Security and Access Issues

    1. Central Locking System:
    •       Doors not locking or unlocking with the key fob or interior switches.
    •       Keyless entry system failing to operate.
  • Alarm and Anti-Theft System:
    •       Alarm system activating unexpectedly or not arming/disarming.
    •       Immobilizer issues preventing the vehicle from starting.

    Climate Control Problems

    1. HVAC System Malfunctions:
    •       Heater, ventilation, or air conditioning not responding to controls.
    •       Blower motor operating erratically or not at all.

    Instrumentation and Alerts

    1. Dashboard and Indicator Lights:
    •       Warning lights on the dashboard illuminating without a clear cause.
    •       Instrument panel not displaying information correctly or going blank.
  • Chimes and Alerts:
    •       Audible alerts not working or activating without reason (e.g., door ajar, seat belt warning).

    Communication and Diagnostic Issues

    1. Data Bus Communication Errors:
    •       Fault codes related to communication problems between the BCM and other control modules.
    •       Inability to communicate with the BCM during diagnostic scans.

    Miscellaneous Electrical Issues

    1. Battery Drain:
    •       Unexplained battery drain or frequent dead battery.
  • Intermittent Electrical Problems:
    •       Random and intermittent electrical issues affecting multiple systems.
  • Unresponsive Controls:
    •       Switches and controls not responding to input, or responding intermittently.

    Vehicle Starting and Operation Problems

    1. Starting Issues:
    •       Difficulty starting the vehicle or no-start condition.
  • Engine Stalling:
    •       Engine stalling or cutting out unexpectedly.

    Potential Causes of BCM Failure

    1. Environmental Factors:
    •       Exposure to moisture, water ingress, or corrosion.
    •       Extreme temperatures causing thermal stress.
  • Electrical Overload:
    •       Power surges or short circuits damaging the BCM.
  • Physical Damage:
    •       Impact damage from accidents or improper repairs.
  • Manufacturing Defects:
    •       Internal faults due to manufacturing issues.
  • Wear and Tear:
    •       General degradation over time due to age and use