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Signs Of a Troubled TIPM

Are you having trouble with your TIPM?

Firstly, what is a TIPM? A TIPM is an acronym for Totally Integrated Power Module which controls the electrical system in your car. It is a black box made of hard plastic that has power board and fuses inside. See picture, though your TIPM might have a slightly different shape.

How do you know its the TIPM? Here are some signs of what causes a TIPM to go bad.

If your windshield wipers are not working, it CAN be a problem with the TIPM, or it CAN be something else. If your windshield wipers go on by itself, or sometimes do not respond when you try to turn them on, this is commonly a problem with TIPM. Typical TIPM issues will look like your car has a mind of its own, the car will have difficulty starting, or won’t start, the doors may lock themselves for no reason, the car horn or alarm may go off when nothing set it off, your blinker will go on by itself etc. If random electrical devices in your car are out of whack, this is usually a sign of a faulty TIPM. Difficulty starting the engine or the  engine not starting at all, is usually a bad fuel pump relay within the TIPM.

What cars usually have problems with the TIPM? There are a series of cars usually around the years 2007-2015 that have faulty TIPM’s which go bad over time. The most effected brands tend to be Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. 

What can I do if I have a faulty TIPM? There are a few options, going to a dealership is certainly the most expensive one. There are many services now that offer TIPM repair, including us. However for some this is not the best option, it means removing the TIPM from your car, sending it in for repair and putting it back in when returned. We do offer this service, however you will not be able to use your car for a few days while the TIPM is being repaired. Another option we have is to purchase a rebuilt TIPM, which only costs slightly more but does not incapacitate your car for a few days. Simply purchase a TIPM off our website tipmrebuilders.com and install a refurbished working TIPM (includes one year warranty).

If you decide replace your TIPM to avoid vehicle down time, we have a couple of programs in place that make it easier for you. First, if you purchase a TIPM only to discover the real problem was elsewhere in the vehicle, you can convert your purchase into a daily rental, so that you’ll get most of your money back. If the purchased TIPM is the fix, we will buy your old TIPM. We have many customers in the past few years whom we have Purchased a rebuilt TIPM from us, and are very happy with the simplicity and price. Replacing the TIPM in your car is not a difficult process and we provide instructions and videos on how to do it.

If you have further questions about our TIPM services please call us at 818-798-5558 we are available 9-5 PST (Mon-FRI)