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What are symptoms of a bad Front Control Module on a 2002-2005 Dodge Ram?

A failing Front Control Module (FCM) in a 2002-2005 Dodge Ram can manifest through various symptoms, impacting several of the vehicle’s electrical systems. Here are common signs of a bad FCM:  
  1. Lighting Issues:|
    • Headlights not working or malfunctioning (e.g., flickering, staying on/off).
    • Turn signals not operating correctly or intermittently.
    • Brake lights failing to illuminate.
    • Hazard lights not functioning.
  2. Windshield Wiper Problems:
    • Windshield wipers not working or only operating at one speed.
    • Intermittent wiper settings malfunctioning.
    • Washer fluid pump not activating.
  3. Interior Electrical Issues
    • Interior lights (dome lights, courtesy lights) not working or behaving erratically.
    • Dashboard lights malfunctioning.
  4. Horn Problems:
    • Horn not working or sounding unexpectedly.
  5. Power Accessories Malfunctions:
    • Power windows, locks, or mirrors not operating correctly.
  6. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs):
    • The vehicle’s diagnostic system may log various fault codes related to the systems controlled by the FCM.
    • Check engine light or other warning lights illuminating on the dashboard.
  7. Communication Errors:
    • Issues with communication between the FCM and other modules in the vehicle, potentially leading to diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) related to module communication faults.
  8. Erratic Behavior:
    • Intermittent or sporadic operation of any of the above systems.
    • Random electrical issues that don’t consistently repeat, making diagnosis tricky.