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bad tipm symptoms


symptoms of a bad tipm fuel relay:

How do you know if your TIPM is bad? The main symptoms of a bad fuel relay stem from how relays generally fail. They either get stuck in the "off" position, or stuck in the "on" position, and either can intermittently come and go. When stuck "off", the vehicle is not getting fuel causing it to not start. When stuck "on", the fuel pump will stay on causing the battery to drain. These are all signs of a bad fuel pump relay.

When the relay starts to fail, you may be able to get it running again after trying to start it multiple times. The relay usually deteriorates rapidly from that point until the vehicle will not start. If the pump is stuck on, you will hear the buzzing of the fuel pump coming from the rear of the vehicle where the fuel pump is located. In this case, the pump will remain on until the battery is drained. 

Other common bad fuel pump relay symptoms: 

Vehicles which are known to most commonly have these problems


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