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Most people want to install the TIPM themselves. It’s easy, it should only take you 20 minutes, and will save you hundreds of dollars over a dealer install. If so, watch the video below and call MAKS at 818-798-5558 9am – 5pm Pacific time (weekdays), and 8am – 2pm Pacific (weekends), if you have any questions or encounter any complications.

Some people lack the tools, skills, or physical mobility to do anything under the hood themselves. If so, click the “I Need Assistance” tab for a list of MAKS’ trusted TIPM installers in your area that will install it at a fair price and that have the full backing and support of MAKS, 7-days-a-week, to ensure successful installation.

how to remove & install your tipm (fuse box) & hard reset

Watch this video before swapping your old TIPM with a newly purchased one. If you need help self-installing, call MAKS at 1-818-798-5558


how to swap pins (a.k.a wires) in tipm connector plugs

Watch this video if for any reason you need to learn how to swap any of the wires going into the back of harness plugs. This periodically needs to be done for certain 2011 – 2013 vehicles when front Turn Signals and/or Fog lamps are not functioning properly after installing a fresh TIPM. This video explains generally how one goes about unseating and moving wires. After watching this video on TIPM reset procedure, follow the specific written instructions provided with your TIPM for which wires you may need to move.

Customer Trouble shooting Scenario with Mak

TIPMs can be tricky. We handle lots of different customer situations and wanted to share how one issue could be a result of multiple factors. Customers original issue was a "No Crank No Start". She received a TIPM but still experienced a misfire code and felt that the vehicle is being starved for fuel. After a more in depth conversation with the customer, she stated that her remote start was also not functioning. Remote start will almost never work after a TIPM installation. The vehicle needs to be driven at least a 100 miles to reset the system, which will return normal functionality to certain features such as remote start, or all wheel drive capability. The customer had to wait sometime to get her vehicle started after performing her soft reset. This along side her horn going off on its own indicates that there might be a PCM issue or a short somewhere in her system and is definitely not the TIPM.


These kind of symptoms usually get blamed on a faulty TIPM, but in this video, Mak explains how one of Chrysler's safety features and a common electrical issue can combine to make your vehicle appear haunted.



This is a good option if you simply cannot or do not want to undertake to install the TIPM yourself. You may still save hundreds of dollars over a dealer installation.

All of the Installers shown below:

  • Have experience working with MAKS to successfully install TIPMs and have MAKS technical backing & support 7 days a week.
  • Employ at least one full-time ASE-certified Mechanic
  • Have established a fair and consistent price for TIPM installation services. But please note that if the real problem turns out to reside elsewhere in the vehicle, additional diagnostic services may apply for which the installer will advise you of such charge estimates before they are incurred. In such cases the Installer can also facilitate returning an unneeded TIPM to MAKS promptly to minimize any MAKS TIPM rental charges and maximize your refund.
  • At your request, the installer can take care of sending in your core (old TIPM) to MAKs to promptly receive you core buyback refund.
  • Have promised to MAKS their commitment to full transparency and honesty in how they treat their customers.  Please note that this referral service is provided for convenience only.   MAKS can not warrant the actual performance of referred installers.

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