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Our Rebuild Process

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No one Does a More Thorough TIPM Rebuild than MAK’s

Most people consider a MAK’s Rebuilt TIPM better than New.

While some companies that dabble in TIPM repair merely inspect & clean a TIPM and call it “Refurbished”, MAK’s undertakes a true rebuild from scratch on every Rebuilt or Overhauled TIPM.

The TIPM is completely disassembled.

The Case and Fuse plates are ultrasonically treated in an environmentally safe chemical wash that removes road salts, grease, dirt, and restores the UltrasonicLLC-Ultra-2400FAcasing to a “like-new” finish to the extent possible.

Every fuse is inspected and replaced if needed with the latest revision from the original equipment manufacturer.

Every internal relay is tested for Ohms response. Any relay that tests even slightly out of spec is replaced with the latest updated revision.

maks relay avi transparent

MAK”s own solid state fuel pump relay is an industry game-changer

We ALWAYS replace Mechanical Fuel Pump Relays whether they test OK or not. We don’t trust that sucker for one minute since the originals fail so often in their lifetime. The good news is that the latest OEM revision of that relay is substantially more reliable than the originals, and for many TIPM designs, MAK’s can install our game-changing solid state relay which outlasts your vehicle. In this respect, our rebuilt TIPMs are a better buy than a vintage “New” TIPM.

All external relays (the grey cubes you can see with the TIPM lid removed) are tested as well. Any that fail Ohms tests are replaced with the latest Rev. All external relay replacements are updated latest-revision OEM parts.


Power and logic boards are inspected for any possible corrosion or broken “traces”.  Corrosion, if present, is mitigated. Traces are repaired with lasting fixes that will outlive your vehicle.

TIPM is reassembled and bench-tested

MAK TIPM Test Fleet

MAK’s live vehicle test fleet is carefully configured to road test nearly every possible feature of every TIPM we rebuild.

TIPM is then tested in a live vehicle. Every electrical feature is tested under real-world conditions.

TIPM is then digitally “cleared” on our proprietary equipment that erases the prior VIN (if relevant for that style of TIPM). It readies the TIPM to accept your VIN and to synchronize automatically upon installation without requiring Dealer “reprogramming”.

Every TIPM comes with clear step-by-step installation instructions you can do yourself, and free unlimited telephone support with a highly seasoned TIPM expert, 9-6 Monday thru Friday US pacific time, at 818-798-5558. Call us should there be any installation complications or questions.

MAKS PackagingMAK’s packages every TIPM in our own box, 40% more durable than standard USPS packaging, made from 100% recycled material, and printed with non-toxic, water-based inks. Our boxes are designed to be re-purposed for sending your original TIPM back to us under our Core Buyback Program.

biodegradable-starch-loose-fill-packaging-peanutsWe use only all-natural, biodegradable starch-based foam packing stock which breaks down in a landfill within 18 months and leaves no environmentally toxic or unsafe by-products.

Every Rebuilt TIPM comes with a 1-Year Warranty and free Priority Shipping.

We ship USPS Priority Mail, included free, with Tracking# emailed to you automatically upon shipment.

You’ll receive the TIPM in 1-3 days after shipment with our included free shipping option. At extra expense, Overnight Shipping is available at checkout (Request overnight by 2pm PST, please).