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Mak Cabessa
Mak CabessaFounder and Chief Integrity Officer
Mak is the founder and day-to-day leader of Mak’s TIPMs.
ElyOperations Ninja
From inbound and outbound shipments, to repair scheduling, logistics, billing, and on-time delivery, Ely is the man.
JohnOld Dog New Tricks
John and his team figure out why electronics are broken and implement lasting fixes. He and his team will rebuild or repair your TIPM.
That’s a good boy!
RebelInformation Wrangler
With thousands of part numbers, specifications, compatibility charts, inventory rosters, and a ton of other data to keep track of, Rebel is a badass when it comes to cataloguing and positioning product information for the team and for our customers.
JeffSales & Sales Prevention
Jeff is as likely to talk you out of buying a TIPM if the real problem is truly elsewhere and we can all get to the bottom of it sooner.