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return under warranty

Mak’s includes a 1-year repair or replace warranty on all our TIPMs. You may have also purchased an extended warranty for up to 3 years coverage.

To obtain a replacement TIPM please call our support team at +1-818-798-5558 to obtain a Return TIPM Authorization (RTA) number which is required for all warranty Return submissions.

If you have just installed our TIPM and are still seeing the exact same symptoms, we are eager to help you get to the real problem. We have access to sophisticated databases that can point you where to look next. Sometimes, it is as simple as a loose wire you can remedy in minutes. We’ve seen it all.

If you are seeing entirely new symptoms, you would be amazed how often they are resolved immediately with a little telephone support. So please call us.

Request a Replacement by calling

Weekdays 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time