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2001 Chrysler Town & Country and Voyager TIPMs

New and Rebuilt Replacement Fuse Boxes for Chrysler Vans

It’s not uncommon for a vehicle that’s over 20 years old to still have a lot of the original equipment and parts. The Chrysler VAN TIPM, or fuse box as many people call it, is one of those items that we never think about changing. But should we? The short answer is yes. The TIPM is in the engine bay where all of the vibration from moving parts and heat from the engine block are and under those circumstances, anything can degrade or need replacement after 20 years. You know that check engine light on your 2001 Town & Country that you just can’t seem to fix no matter what sensor you replace? Believe it or not, that could be a damaged TIPM.

Get your new or rebuilt 2001 Voyager TIPM ordered today and troubleshoot that pesky check engine light. If you find out that the TIPM wasn’t the issue you change your purchase over to a rental and pay a lesser fee. This way you’re one step closer to fixing your 2001 Voyager or Town & Country van.