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Important Information

Important information about RAM 4500 / 5500 TIPMs

  • Dodge RAM 4500 and RAM 5500 vehicles are a line of special purpose and/or “fleet” commercial medium-duty trucks, most of which are based upon the RAM 3500 “cab and chassis” that include factory modifications to frame, drivetrain, and suspension to elevate its “duty class”.
  • In many cases Chrysler has sold the cab and chassis to a 3rd party “upfitter” who performs further modifications to convert the vehicle into a special purpose vehicle, such as a tow truck, fire vehicle, etc.  In these cases the VIN may be assigned later and may not appear in publicly available databases to readily determine the installed TIPM.
  • Moreover, during such conversions the TIPM may have been modified vs the standard factory-installed TIPM so as to accommodate special lighting or other electronic add-ons.  Or the upfitter company may have ordered a custom TIPM from Chrysler which may be assigned a Chrysler part number not found in conventional consumer trucks or databases.
  • If you have a RAM 4500 or 5500, the safest way to determine the TIPM part number is examine the TIPM itself, by unseating it from its engine compartment cradle and reading the part number from the sticker affixed to its side.   It will be 8 numeric digits followed by 2 alpha characters.
  • Then, drop the alpha characters which refer only to date of manufacture and compare the part number to RAM 2500 /3500 model TIPMs from the same model year.    If there is a match and there are no obvious signs of post-factory modifications to your old TIPM (jumpers or additional wires), select the matching part number TIPM.
  • Upon receiving the replacement, further compare the TIPMs side-by-side to see if any fuses or relays had been added or changed in your original TIPM.  If so, photograph your original TIPM before moving fuses to the replacement so that you can undo those moves later if needed.
  • In the event you purchase a RAM 2500 / 3500 TIPM from us and it turns out not to be compatible with your RAM 4500 or 5500, you can return it to us and only pay an $85 re-stocking fee.   See our Warranty & Returns policy for details.

Please call us if we can help you determine the right TIPM solution for your vehicle.