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REBUILT OEM TIPM for Gas-Fueled 2011 Dodge RAM 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 2012 Dodge RAM 2500 / 3500 – Part # 04692319

REBUILT OEM TIPM for Gas-Fueled 2011 Dodge RAM 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 2012 Dodge RAM 2500 / 3500 – Part # 04692319


(12 customer reviews)
This REBUILT OEM TIPM fits the following vehicles:
  • 2011 Dodge RAM 1500 – All Variants with Gasoline Engines
  • 2011 Dodge RAM 2500 – All Variants with Gasoline Engines
  • 2011 Dodge RAM 3500 – All Variants with Gasoline Engines
  • 2012 Dodge RAM 2500 – All Variants with Gasoline Engines
  • 2012 Dodge RAM 3500 – All Variants with Gasoline Engines
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  • REBUILT OEM TIPMWarranty Badge
  • 1-Year Replace or Repair Warranty
  • Same Day Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Days Delivery)
  • Overnight Shipping Option at Checkout (order by 2pm U.S. Pacific Time)
  • Unlimited Free Telephone Support
  • Eligible for Low-Cost Diagnostic Use Program:   TIPM may be returned within 30 days if original problem is later found to be elsewhere in the vehicle, or simply for change of mind, to obtain a full refund less a $85 restocking fee.
Interchangeable Part Numbers: 
This TIPM is 100% compatible with TIPMs bearing any of the following Part Numbers:

4692319, RL4692319A, 4692319AD, 4692319AE, 4692319AF, 4692319AG, 4692319AH, 4692319AI, 4692319AJ, 04692319AD, 04692319AE, 04692319AF, 04692319AG, 04692319AH, 04692319AI, 04692319AJ

Part Number Notes: 

  1. The last two alpha characters in TIPM Part Numbers refer only to the date of manufacture and are completely interchangeable with each other.
  2. The presence or absence of a leading zero as the first character in the part number is not significant.  It may appear on your old TIPM with or without a leading zero.
  3. If your old TIPM, or one recommended by a Dealer, begins with "RL" this simply means that Chrysler had "rebuilt" your old TIPM, or that the Dealer only offers Chrysler-rebuilt TIPMs instead of the original which may no longer be available.   In these cases they have merely replaced the first 2 numeric digits in the part number with "RL", meaning "rebuilt", with no actual functional difference.
  4. Your old TIPM may show a "P", or "P/N" in front of the part number.   This is merely a field heading on the sticker that means "Part Number" and is not significant.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in

12 reviews for REBUILT OEM TIPM for Gas-Fueled 2011 Dodge RAM 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 2012 Dodge RAM 2500 / 3500 – Part # 04692319

  1. don phillips (verified owner)

  2. Albert Smith (verified owner)

    Works great, My 2011 Ram has been hard starting for about 2 years, ordered the tipm Tuesday morning and received it Friday, installed it Monday morning after watching the Video and took me less then half a hour, waited about 5 hours to start, and started great, did show many codes in the history but they all went away withen a few miles, I highly recommend Mak ‘s gonna call them soon to return my old one, for a credit

  3. Richard Bryan (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best customer service, knowledgeable and informative

  5. Christina P.

    It was what the doctor ordered! From start to finish was an excellent experience. Thank you
    ***** 5 Stars

  6. James M.

    You know sometimes you or should I say me are afraid to shop on line especially something that pricey but in this case it was the best thing I could have done. When I called I spoke with Ely, and I asked a lots of questions and he didn’t hesitate to answer them. Mind you I was still hesitant about it, but he was right on point. He told me everything I needed to hear. And trust me he was right about everything he said. Thank you guys for everything. Please peoples believe me I don’t like writing reviews but theses peoples here know there stuff. Thanks a lot

  7. greg w.

    Very happy! It arrived in good time even with the holiday backlog, truck works perfectly & a huge savings over Chrysler or any local parts stores! Will highly recommend you to anyone.Thank you.

  8. Derrick

    Just want to say thanks to everyone that works at Mak’s TIPM repair, you guys saved me hundreds of dollars. The service was outstanding, instructions are fantastic and the workmanship second to none. If it wasn’t for smart guys like you we would all be pawns to the dealerships, I will be telling every Ram owner about you guys.Thanks again for getting my Ram back on the road…..Derrick from Canada

  9. Arther S.

    TIPM was packaged well and delivered as scheduled. After one week in the vehicle, I see no issues.I purchased this to solve the problem of stalling and hard start. A benefit has been increased fuel mileage. When the problem started, I was burning 1/2 tank per week just to the office and back; now, I see that it is down to 1/4 tank. Also, I am able to read RPM’s from scanner now. Throttle response has improved and all gauges that were faulting are no longer doing so. I discharged electrical system according to instructions for approx. 5 hr.’s, and used dielectric grease on all connections. The whole process took just under 6 hours.

  10. Cory D

    2011 Ram 1500 4.7LFuel pump went bad. When I replaced it, it was in pieces in the tank. Replaced fuel pump and 10 days later, after idling for a considerable time, the truck died and all the brake/traction control lights came on. Ended up hooking power directly to fuel pump and it worked but the lights stayed on and the speedo didn’t work. Also was a trick to actually getting it out of gear once the truck was started. After some online researching I came across these guys. Ordered a rebuilt unit. They contacted me to let me know this truck is odd and to check the numbers on my TIPM. Received rebuilt unit in the right amount of time. Installed and haven’t looked back. At first, the brake/traction control lights stayed on. Decided to go wash the truck. When I started the truck after washing, those lights were off and have stayed off. Forgot to mention that while the truck was under warranty the Dodge house had installed the bypass relay. Shame on the Dodge house for doing that!I’m pleased to have come across these guys and their product. Thanks

  11. Juan O.

    Worked perfectly. Didn’t need to do a hard reset but I did have to stop in the middle of the install bue to rain, so the negative and positive cables were tied together a little longer because of the weather. But it worked great. I’m very happy. No more bypass cables.

  12. Arvid G.

    Great service from beginning to end part has worked like new truck cranks and runs just like when I first got it would most definitely recommend Mak’s to anyone needing this service!!

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