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Repair Request Form

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Need to Send us a TIPM for Repair?

Be sure to call us first for a free consultation to be sure the problem is the TIPM and that it is a repairable issue.  Our TIPM repair service can give you an estimate over the phone.    Then fill out the following form and click on Submit.    The more detailed information you provide the faster we can turn around the repair.  It is not necessary to purchase the repair before shipping to us.   Often we will find during the requested repair that an additional relay or component tests poorly and we recommend you order it replaced as well.  Our TIPM repair service will call you if our recommended repairs exceed the initial expectations we have set so you can make the decision. After completing the form, you will receive an email with a Repair Request Number.   Ideally, print that email and pack it in the box with your TIPM per our Packing & Shipping Guidelines.  If you don’t have access to a printer, please complete the form below anyway as it helps us be in the lookout for your TIPM and to schedule a faster repair turnaround.  If you can’t print the email, include a note in the box with your name, email, Tel#, and the Repair Request Number prominent in the email.